Ulster IDA gets comptroller’s suggestions for housing policy

October 19, 2021Press

Gallagher, who was a board member from 2006-08 and its administrator from 2011-13, said that recent public controversy over the Kingstonian tax breaks showed a need for getting public input into the agency policy. She added that an agency policy change that accommodated Kingstonian developers may have been “policy clean up” but damaged trust in … Read More

Ulster County emergency housing is facing an emergency

October 13, 2021Press

“Ulster County is experiencing a housing crisis,” in particular how it impacts those who are living in emergency shelters, County Comptroller March Gallagher said in a report she released on Tuesday. Mid Hudson News | 10/13/2021

Supreme Court upholds county comptroller’s audit authority over UCRRA

October 2, 2021Press

“The Ulster County Charter unequivocally deputizes the comptroller’s office as the chief auditing officer to undergo this function,” the court decision stated. “This dispels several semantic arguments advanced by petitioners, namely, that the county is a separate entity than the comptroller, as the vendor agreement allows for any other persons duly authorized by the county, … Read More

Ulster County comptroller has audit authority over RRA, judge rules

October 1, 2021Press

Gallagher has said the records will allow her to determine whether the agency has met the terms of grants awarded to it and followed contractual obligations, and also whether it has played favorites when selling dirt that results from the composting of food waste. Daily Freeman | 10/1/21

Ulster County comptroller, clerk, Family Court judge candidate running unopposed

September 28, 2021Press

A Rosendale resident, Gallagher is a lawyer a former president and chief executive officer of Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, a position she left to run for comptroller two years ago. She previously was chief strategy officer for Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, deputy planning director and director of business services for Ulster County, … Read More

Gallagher hints at surplus as sales tax pours in

September 16, 2021Press

Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher has released the 2021  Second Quarter Financial Report. Second-quarter financials show that the County continues to enjoy historic growth rates in sales and occupancy tax collections while reductions in the county workforce reduced year-to-date expenditures. 2021 Second Quarter Financial Report Mid Hudson News | 9/16/21

Ulster County sales tax growth exceeds expectations, comptroller report shows

September 16, 2021Press

Ulster County continued to enjoy historic growth rates in sales and occupancy tax collections in the second quarter of the year while reductions in the county workforce reduced year-to-date expenditures, a report by Comptroller March Gallagher shows. 2021 Second Quarter Financial Report The Daily Freeman | 9/16/21

Hinchey bill seeks to help people with traumatic brain injuries

September 15, 2021Press

March Gallagher, who is Hannah Berryan’s attorney, said that simple things could ultimately save families’ anguish, and the state agencies seem to have difficulty working with state money. “When (advocacy agency) Care Design…inquired back to OPWDD whether or not a seizure dog, in particular, could be supported,  they were told ‘no,’” said Gallagher, who also … Read More

Major Fundraising Effort to Assist Hannah Berryan

September 8, 2021Press

“Although I serve as the County Comptroller, as an attorney I took Hannah’s case pro bono when I realized just how limited the supports were for this family,” said March Gallagher. “While working to get Hannah a seizure dog and behavioral therapy it became clear that moving closer to brain injury experts could expedite Hannah’s recovery.” … Read More