Ulster comptroller issues racial equality report

June 15, 2022Press

Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher, Tuesday, released a racial equality report detailing the disparate experience of black and brown community members on a number of health, economic, and quality of life indicators.  Mid Hudson News | 6/15/22

Ulster County could gain $68K after fund reallocation following audit, comptroller says

April 4, 2022Press

“While this is an improved investment strategy, we should continuously analyze investment opportunities, monitor available rates, and investigate the ability to pay off higher-interest debt to optimize the use of available cash,” County Comptroller March Gallagher said in a press release Monday. “There remain other safe, liquid, diverse investment opportunities open to municipalities like Ulster … Read More

Ulster County trash agency ends court battle over compost info

March 1, 2022Press

County Comptroller March Gallagher has been seeking to determine whether agency officials have met terms of grant awards, followed contractual obligations, and played favorites when selling dirt produced through a large-scale food waste disposal program. Daily Freeman | 2/28/2022

Comptroller adds new CPA to staff

February 24, 2022Press

Certified Public Accountant Samuel Sonenberg joins Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher’s staff as Director of Internal Audit and Control, a position which had been vacant for nearly two years as a cost-saving measure during the pandemic. Mid Hudson News| 02/24/2022

Ulster County on strong financial footing in third quarter of year, report finds

December 29, 2021Press

The county recognized $244.5 million, or 73.1%, of budgeted revenues through the third quarter of the year, compared to 69.1% during the same period in the previous fiscal year, according to a press release from Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher. The county expended $190.5 million, or 57%, of budgeted expenditures compared to 55.8 percent through … Read More

It’s official: TechCity site has new owners

December 22, 2021Press

[Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher] said she is primarily concerned about the decision by the agency to authorize a contract of sale before getting an appraisal on the site and the lack of a justification by the agency to sell the property at a price that will likely be less than fair market value. Gallagher … Read More

Comptroller: COVID cost Ulster taxpayers at least $5.6 million in 2020

December 10, 2021Press

“Taxpayers deserve to know how much the pandemic has cost in total and for specific services such as the drive through testing facilities,” Gallagher said. “That level of specificity is not available because cost tracking was not ubiquitous or consistent as the county ramped up COVID operations. Mid Hudson News| 12/10/21