Proposition 4 Brings Accountability & Transparency

As the County Comptroller, I strongly support Ballot Proposition 4. These changes will help ensure that Ulster County taxpayer money is handled appropriately. The Charter Revision Commission unanimously approved these changes. These changes will strengthen the ability of the Comptroller’s Office to protect taxpayer dollars. Proposition 4 will bring much needed transparency and accountability to… Read More

The Kids are Not Alright

Lately, I’ve been sharing with people my experience growing up. When I was a child, my family struggled with housing insecurity. I now have two Master’s Degrees, a Law Degree, and a career in County Government, but I was the face of child poverty growing up. And sadly, things haven’t improved all that much. According… Read More

Let the Ulster County Democratic Committee Know: You’re With March!

On September 17, the Ulster County Democratic Committee will vote to endorse a candidate to be our next Ulster County Executive. I’m incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support I’ve received from local leaders and members of Ulster County’s many local Democratic committees. Many of them are people I have worked with most closely on… Read More

The Local Cost of Stewarding NYC’s Water Supply

Last week, I submitted comments to New York State about impacts that hosting the New York City Watershed has on our communities, businesses, residents, and municipal governments. I am particularly concerned about the Draft revisions to the 2017 Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD) and the adverse impacts it may have. The Watershed has created an extractive economy… Read More

What Independence Day Means To Me Today

This July 4th has me deeply pondering the meaning of freedom and independence, especially given the unprecedented outrageous actions of our rogue Supreme Court this past two weeks. It is now more clear to me than ever that public service and speaking out are imperative. I will fight for your rights and those of our… Read More

We Can Improve Racial Equity in Ulster County

Last week, my office released a Racial Equity Report for Ulster County. It reflects the lived experiences of our Black and brown neighbors, friends, business owners, local workers, and kids. And it tells us that Ulster County can and must address inequities that have created a daunting burden on Black and brown individuals and families in… Read More

The Care Economy Is Impacting All of Us

I’m going to take off my Comptroller hat for a moment, and tell you about my family. Like women across Ulster County, I went from being a working mom balancing care for my kids and time with my family to a working daughter balancing the needs of my aging parents with the needs of my family and my job.… Read More

Why I Love Infrastructure

I have always been passionate about infrastructure. Some of you may remember my name on Facebook for years was March “Infrastructure” Gallagher. For example, I was fascinated with the building of the new Tappan Zee (aka Mario M. Cuomo) bridge, and made it my business to drive over it the first day it was opened.… Read More

Providing Real-Time Transparency to Ulster County Citizens

Tracking spending is a critical component of the duties of County Comptroller. However, the data isn’t always easily accessible to the public. As your next County Comptroller, I intend to bring a new level of transparency to County finances, enabling elected officials, vendors and the public to access current payment information with improved information technology.… Read More

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