What Independence Day Means To Me Today

This July 4th has me deeply pondering the meaning of freedom and independence, especially given the unprecedented outrageous actions of our rogue Supreme Court this past two weeks.

It is now more clear to me than ever that public service and speaking out are imperative. I will fight for your rights and those of our young people to grow up in a world that is safe, fair and just.

With the Court disregarding all that I learned in law school about stare decisis (which is honoring precedent), removing protections against forced pregnancy by overturning Roe v. Wade, gutting the federal regulatory abilities, and now planning to enshrine the independent state legislatures doctrine that could permanently manipulate our elections, giving control to an extremist minority, it is clear that the radical MAGA Republican agenda is oppressive rule by the few over the many.

After watching national leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talk about how to address the decision overturning Roe, I’ve honed in on this FOUR POINT PLAN:

  1. Keep the US House of Representatives BLUE by electing Pat Ryan and other Democrats to Congress.
  2. Adopt a RED state US Senate race to donate, canvas and phonebank.
  3. Donate to abortionfunds.org to support women accessing their reproductive freedoms, no matter their geography.
  4. Organize a women’s strike similar to what happened in Iceland in 1975. We must use our labor, much of which is unpaid, to demand our rights and freedoms.

Our leaders in Washington must eliminate the outdated filibuster and reform the Supreme Court including expanding the Court’s size. I don’t make these recommendations lightly, but the very nature of our democracy is imperiled.

On top of all of this, we must also recognize the humanity of our neighbors and political opponents. Many forces are driving us apart, from dark money, to wealth inequity, to climate change, and social media. We can fight hard yet still be civil. I urge you all to join me in this work as we celebrate our independence and rise up to reclaim and protect our freedoms as human citizens moving forward no matter our gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or age.

In solidarity,

– March

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