News from the Campaign Trail

March has been campaigning across the County from Wallkill to West Saugerties, from Shawangunk to Shandaken. She is sharing with her fellow Ulster County residents what the Office of Comptroller does and why she is the best person for the job.

“One of the most enjoyable parts of campaigning is getting to meet people and learn what they care about,” said March. “Most people in Ulster County want the same things: to live in a beautiful place, to be able to afford to take care of themselves and their community, to provide opportunities for their kids and to care for their elderly and disabled family.”

The best way to achieve these goals is to keep our financial house in order by keeping taxes low and spending wisely. That’s what March’s campaign is all about.

March Writes About Infrastructure Investment

March surveying early construction of the new bridge in 2014

Since first entering the workforce March has always been interested in infrastructure. Infrastructure is the key to public health and economic health. Read her blog post on it here.

Endorsement News!

March is proud to receive the endorsement of Eleanor’s Legacy this week! March is proudly pro-choice. She will be announcing some additional exciting endorsements in the coming week.

Campaigns for public office take resources. Please consider making a donation to March’s campaign to help March buy lawn signs, send a mailer to voters and get the word out. The donation deadline for March’s next campaign finance filing is this Monday 9/30. Please consider making a donation today.

Another great way to support March’s campaign is to come out for her events. She is having a dance party this coming Friday at the Beverly Lounge in Kingston hosted by Drew Andrews and Carrie Wykoff with a special “early voting” presentation by Board of Elections Commissioner Ashley Dittus.

Join us for a fun evening of dancing with a great DJ.
October 5th, 7-9 pm at the Beverly Lounge on Foxhall in Kingston
Hosted by Drew Andrews and Carrie Wykoff

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