Audit finds Ulster service center receives few calls

November 24, 2022

Mid Hudson News

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During the height of the pandemic, Ulster County created a call service center to answer the influx of inquiries about the COVID-19 virus. Since its inception, call volume has declined from thousands to hundreds. In fact, in January of this year, it received 6,723 calls compared to just 478 in October. In the county’s 2022 budget, it was funded with $310,325 from its American Rescue Plan allocation. The 2023 proposed budget has earmarked $341,327 of taxpayer funds to cover the cost. An audit of the program by County Comptroller March Gallagher’s office suggested other ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

Comptroller March Gallagher released an audit showing the Ulster County Service Center call volume has dropped dramatically since the start of COVID.

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