Campaign Announcement

Longtime public servant and community advocate March Gallagher is ready to step into the role of Comptroller for Ulster County.

With the just declared announcement by current Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach that he will be stepping down, March Gallagher is fully prepared to be our next comptroller. “I’m running,” declared Gallagher. “The time I have spent serving our community’s needs, both in and out of county government, makes the prospect of bringing my talents and energy to shape the integrity of this office very appealing. My experience makes me a great fit for safeguarding our County’s finances, rooting out any waste of our hard earned tax dollars, staying on the lookout for fraud and abuse in local government, and ensuring that all of our municipal agencies serve the needs of EVERYONE in Ulster County and I’m ready to serve in this essential public office.”

An interim Comptroller will be selected at a meeting of the Ulster County Legislature with a special election to follow, coinciding with the Tuesday, November 5th regularly scheduled General Election.

“I’m excited to see a smart, dynamic woman at the top of our Democratic ballot this political season to continue the work I’ve started in the Office of Ulster County Comptroller, and I’m also very confident that March will bring her own authentic style and attention to policy detail,” reflected Auerbach on Gallagher’s candidacy.

A formal kickoff announcement of March Gallagher’s candidacy will take place on Friday, May 10, 2019, at 3:00 pm in front of the Ulster County Office Building on Fair Street in Kingston. Gallagher will address how her commitment, vision, and relevant experience in both the public and private sector will move forward the Office of Ulster County Comptroller.

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