Housing boom is hurting our most vulnerable residents

July 14, 2021Press

“We were in a [housing] crisis two years ago,” said March Gallagher, Ulster County Comptroller. And now, “we’ve lost a huge number of [long term] rentals to short term rentals, to Airbnb.” She added, “If we don’t learn how to say yes to building things, it’s going to get worse.” Hudson Valley One | 7/9/21

Standoff over county garbage audit continues

July 8, 2021Press

Ulster County comptroller March Gallagher says the chairman of the county legislature David Donaldson set a dangerous precedent when he took the unusual step of intervening in her attempts to audit the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA). Hudson Valley one | 7/7/21

Comptroller says legislature chairman sets “dangerous precedent” in UCRRA case

July 7, 2021Press

“As Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher continues her efforts to audit the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, she now says Legislature Chairman David Donaldson’s involvement is setting “an alarming precedent putting the comptroller’s oversight of hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts at risk.” Gallagher said the documents provided by Donaldson do “appear to confirm” … Read More

Ulster County comptroller says getting Resource Recovery Agency data from Legislature chairman may violate state audit rules

July 6, 2021Press

Among the agreements involved in composting is a March 7, 2017, contract for a $237,000 composting grant that Gallagher said was the basis for auditing authority. Complaints involving the operations have included allegations of favoritism in selling compost to agency employee Willie Whittaker; violations of a contract provision to not “create odor, litter, pollutants or … Read More

Ulster comptroller probes compost

July 6, 2021Press

The Ulster County comptroller’s efforts to gather information about operations at the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA) could end up in court. Hudson Valley One | 6/30/21

Ulster trash agency says subpoenaed info available, but through Freedom of Information request

July 6, 2021Press

Information being sought includes journal entry documentation from 2019 through April 2021 involving compost; a record for the agency scales involving composting; documentation on the actual expenditures involving composting operations; a detailed list of receipts by customers for compost sales; description of the inventory control procedures for compost operations; any policies or procedures in place … Read More